[mythtv-users] DVB Setup Document Updated

Scott White scott-mythtv at riskboys.com
Sat Feb 14 10:01:35 EST 2004

Just a quick note if anyone is having trouble.

I have tried following these great instructions several times to try and
setup my DVB Nova-T card, and all goes well up to the point when I try
to run 

dvbstream -o -ps -qam 16 -cr 3_4 600 601 | mplayer -

I get nothing, nada :-(.  The scan works fine, tzap gives FE_LOCK
messages, I just don't get anything from dvbstream.  I've even just
built a new system to run this card in guessing my older one had some
hardware oddness but it didn't help.  Then Dave Chapman sent this today

> I don't think it's a good idea to mix tzap and dvbstream together -
> one set of tools or the other.  They both more or less do the same
> - but in different ways.
> For dvbstream, the following should work (the -ps option is not needed
> with recent mplayer versions):
> dvbstream -f 505833 -qam 16 -cr 3_4 -o 600 601 | mplayer -cache 8192 -

I rebooted, ran 

        modprobe v4l1-compat
        modprobe v4l2-common
        modprobe video-buf
        modprobe dvb-core
        modprobe grundig_29504-401
        modprobe tda1004x
        modprobe saa7146
        modprobe saa7146_vv
        modprobe ttpci-eeprom
        modprobe dvb-ttpci-budget

(not all of these are needed for my Grundig card, but they don't harm)

dvbstream -f 505833 -qam 16 -cr 3_4 -o 600 601 | mplayer -cache 8192 -

and everything worked as advertised.  Could be tzap was the issue all
along.  On to part 2 for me)


On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 21:06, Martin Smith wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I just updated my DVB setup document. The main addition is documentation for the
> DVB signal statistics collector that went into CVS lately.
> I've also removed some references to errors that have been fixed since I first
> wrote the document.
> As usual it's at:
> http://www.ethics-gradient.net/myth/mythdvb.html
> Martin
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