[mythtv-users] Spilt Myth mailing list?

Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Tue Feb 10 14:38:21 EST 2004

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Kuphal <kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com> writes:

    Kevin> Not to stir the pot, but if a forum provides all the
    Kevin> features to all the people (depart from the "I won't use
    Kevin> it" part for a second).  And email provides all the
    Kevin> features to only some of the people (because of software or
    Kevin> whatever).  Then other than disliking forums, doesn't it

Hm, what about the people who are sitting behind a modem who have to
pay money for their connection time - yes email can take some time to
download if there is a lot of it but its a lot quicker than sitting
online clicking your way through messages (at least in my experience
with a 28.8 modem). Emailing lists on the other hand DO give the
flexability by connecting the list to a forum interface (which I
believe somebody pointed out) - those who want to use the forum can,
those that want their email can use that,


Adrian Phillips

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