[mythtv-users] LCD Navigation of music module

dan dan at milkcarton.com
Wed Feb 4 14:32:09 EST 2004

Poul, I wrote the LCD navigation stuff for mythmusic so hopefully I can help.  
You can remap keys in your LCDd.conf file.  I don't know what the syntax is 
off the top of my head (Your lcd driver has to support re-mapping though).

How many lines is your display?  My display is a 4 line one, and when I coded 
up the navigation stuff, it worked out that the current item on screen would 
be the second item on the lcd display so you could see whats above and below.

I'll try to see whats going on, but I won't have time before the weekend.


>Poul Petersen (petersp at MATH.ORST.EDU) wrote: 
>I recently got a CrystalFontz 633 LCD and I started playing with
getting it to work with mythtv-0.14. The first problem I ran into was that
the input keys are mapped differently (the 633 has a six key keypad):
	Obviously the orignal mappings are correct for some other LCD
device. There doesn't seem to be a way to remap these keys using lcdproc
(at least in 0.4.4), but I suppose that would be the "best" place for
that map to happen (kind of like configuring lirc with myth)?

	The problem I am having now is that the menus don't seem to always
line up. For example, if I start at the main myth menu and use the LCD to 
select "Music" then mythtv switches to the music module, but the LCD
only displays the clock instead of the first menu item, "Select Music". If
I press OK or cursor up or down, then the LCD menus are updated correctly.

	Now, in the "Select Music" tree, with the cursor on "All My Music"
I press the left button to close the "All My Music" tree, and it closes.
If I then press the down button, the cursor moves down, but the display
still reads "All My Music". If I press down again, then the cursor moves to
"All My Playlists" but the LCD reads one item behind, "CD -- none" and so on.
I get the same behaviour if I simply try to navigate the artists.
Interestingly, if I select an item, say a song, then the LCD menu updates
to show the correct item and the selection [de]/activated. 

Many thanks for any suggestions...


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