[mythtv-users] DVB Channel.conf Import (WAS: BBC THREE/FOUR)

Malcolm Smith malc at porsche.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 11:37:15 EST 2004


Many thanks.

General appeal to better PERL coders than I...  Improvements required:
 1. The scripts tries to find a match between the channel name in 
channels.conf and the channels table. If it can't it asks for search 
terms. (e.g. tv_grab_uk_rt grabs BBC 3 but the channels.conf name is 
THREE.  The question handling is poor ... would be a lot tidier if...
 2. The location of channels.conf is hard coded
 3.  The options for satellite vs terrestrial are not handled on the 
command line
 4.  It has a "simulate" variable this should be driven from the command 
 5.  Satellite handling is basic as yet.

Any input gratefully received.


Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:

>>Here's the PERL that does this.....(I have to credit Daniel
>>with the major chunk of the code)
>>Can anyone turn this into a Qt / C++ thingy?
>I guess, but the script was so nice, and perl is a dependency
>because of xmltv, so with some finetuning and addition of czap,
>I belive this should go into contrib. =)
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