[mythtv-users] Segmentation fault as non-rrot user

Jelle Kalf jelle at kalf.org
Tue Feb 3 04:30:40 EST 2004

Ok, I'll crawl back under the rock where I came from :D

Another question though, I don't know if you already know why it's
happening. But Via hwmpeg2 playback seems to be heavily affected by
harddrive usage. When I'm unpacking the linux source, I don't want to be
using playback because it will go stuttering all the way.

Yet, when I'm unpacking the linux source and I'm watching on a remote
frontend (my epia is the backend) it will playback flawlessly.


> > Ivor,
> >
> > I have exactly the same problem.
> >
> > Running gentoo
> > Kernel 2.4.24-epia1-r1
> > Libddmpeg 1.5
> > Xfree-epia- (totte's patch 7)
> >
> > What additional info would you require ?
> >
> > Jelle.
> Hi Jelle,
> Yep I know exactly why you have the problem, and no I haven't 
> fixed it yet! I just wanted to determine whether he was 
> another EPIA user with the same issue!

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