[mythtv-users] Re: UK DVB woes / Dealing with duplicate channels

Nick Morrott pvr at insidethex.co.uk
Fri Dec 31 16:01:07 UTC 2004

zap2myth made life very easy for getting dvb info into Myth - I used these
steps as I remember:

i) check out dvb-apps to get dvbscan and compile
ii) run dvbscan (with -n parameter) with correct UK transmitter file in
dvb-t directory - this can output the channels.conf file
iii) use the zap2myth 'pre-run' script (as on site) to remove all 0:0
iv) manually check the new channels.conf file to remove channels I don't
want and duplicates found on near freqs when doing detailed scan
v) create/edit some of the zap2myth channels files to reflect actual
region - I create a midlands channel file instead of using the north-west
one for instance
v) run zap2myth, using the -x to create a file for XML TV at the same time,
to create channels.sql. Then pipe this file into mysql to get the new

N.B. By default, zap2myth REMOVES ALL CHANNELS WITH CHANIDS < 2000, so
either backup or renumber your existing channels whilst getting DVB sorted,
or just remove/amend the DELETE statements from channels.sql

vi) Check the xmltv file, remove channels if necessary. Ensure there are
xmltv files for your sourceids matching your channel table, and then run
mythfilldatabase, which should populate the listings

Hope this helps,


(still can't get DVB in LiveTV, but can schedule recordings ...)

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