[mythtv-users] Re: Hard Drives that Actually Work?

Dan wolf mboverload at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 10:34:11 UTC 2004

No, I beleive the "Click of Death" came from the sound of a dead Jazz/Zip drive.

Anyway, I guess I got lucky with that IBM drive then.

On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 01:58:36 -0800, David Rees <drees at greenhydrant.com> wrote:
> Dan wolf wrote, On 12/30/2004 2:24 PM:
> > Don't buy Maxtors, they are famous for poor quality and unreliability.
> >  Western Digital, too.
> >
> > Seagates and IBMs are the best.  I have a drive around 10 years old
> > from IBM and it is still working.  I have it hooked up to a server,
> > but I'm not sure why I keep it, has hardly any space.
> Hah, IBM sold their drive business to Hitachi after producing the 75GXP
> and 60GXP series of drives commonly referred to the DeathStar and making
> the "Click of Death" a household phrase.
> I've had more IBM drives go bad on me than all others combined out of
> dozens of drives.
> -Dave
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