[mythtv-users] Re: Hard Drives that Actually Work?

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Fri Dec 31 09:58:36 UTC 2004

Dan wolf wrote, On 12/30/2004 2:24 PM:
> Don't buy Maxtors, they are famous for poor quality and unreliability.
>  Western Digital, too.
> Seagates and IBMs are the best.  I have a drive around 10 years old
> from IBM and it is still working.  I have it hooked up to a server,
> but I'm not sure why I keep it, has hardly any space.

Hah, IBM sold their drive business to Hitachi after producing the 75GXP 
and 60GXP series of drives commonly referred to the DeathStar and making 
the "Click of Death" a household phrase.

I've had more IBM drives go bad on me than all others combined out of 
dozens of drives.


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