[mythtv-users] Jarod's Guide / atRPMs general questions

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Fri Dec 31 10:05:27 UTC 2004

Dan wolf wrote, On 12/30/2004 2:33 PM:
> As far as security goes, I dont think you need to worry about that. 
> With Linux behind a router/firewall you are almost invincible.

Are you kidding?  That's horrible advice to give.

> On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 00:50:16 -0500, Harry Orenstein <holists at v92net.com> wrote:
>>1. After my initial install using Jarod's Guide for FC3 I changed atRPMs in
>>apt from stable to testing.  This upgraded my ivtv driver from 100zz to
>>0.2.0rc3a.  Under 100zz I didn't seem to get any errors in /proc/interrupts.  
>>Now I get about 2% errors for the ivtv interrupts.  This apparently doesn't
>>affect the quality of my captures, but it is puzzling.  Anyone else have this
>>problem?  Is it any cause for concern?

Not sure, but I do see a good number of ERRORs on my setup as well (FC3 
with ivtv-0.2.0rc3a).  Recordings are working very well except if large 
amounts of IO occur while recording at which point I get messages like this:

ivtv: ENC IRQ OVERFLOW: #0 Stealing a Buffer, 256 currently allocated

When this happens a recording will continue to record OK, but for some 
reason myth will think that the recording is extremely long, for 
example, 8 hours long instead of 1.  This will make doing things like 
skipping forward and backward work strangely.

>>2. How often should I do an apt-get upgrade?  It seems like I could do at
>>least 10's of MBs per week in upgrades if I wanted to stay absolutely
>>up-to-date.  As far as security updates this would seem to make sense.  I
>>don't know if it makes sense in general to do so much updating if my system
>>is stable and doing what I want it to.  Any opinions?  One update which I
>>would like to make is avidemux2 since the atRPMs version (2.0.28) seems to
>>have some problem that the dag version (2.0.34test2) doesn't, but I would
>>have to uninstall avidemux2 to make the update unless I do a complete apt-get

I suggest that you write a cron script to email you what packages are 
available to upgrade on a nightly basis.  Then you will know what 
updated packages are available and you can update as necessary.


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