[mythtv-users] zap2it labs and schedule/lineup corrections?

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Dec 30 20:47:15 UTC 2004

Have you tried contacting the local company?

In my case, the local company (Adelphia) is supplying 
incorrect information to zap2it, and I had to go so far as 
to meet with one of the veeps of programming to find 
out where the discrpancy lie.  It was pretty neat, because 
I found out that the programming info Adelphia was 
supplying to zap2it was for their affiliate in a nearby 
zip code.  Because of the interaction, the nice veep 
programming director said that when they rearranged 
channels in January, they would provide the programming 
I was looking for (French In Action, BTW) on their system 
as recognition for the roughly 3 months of run-around 
I got from both them and zap2it.

Most likely your local provider would be able to 
correct the situation with zap2it.


>>> james at mauibay.net 12/30/2004 3:36:49 PM >>>

I love the datadirect service that zap2it labs is providing for the 
community, and the subscription-for-survey model is perfectly fine with

me. However, does anybody here have any advice for getting corrections

made for incorrect listings?

For example, for my lineup, the travel channel schedule is off by 2 
hours. (I suspect it's a time zone thing, this happens a lot for some 
channels in Hawaii, I sometimes have a half-dozen channels with wrong 

For the travel channel example, I emailed labs at zap2it.com multiple
in early November. I posted on the labs.zap2it.com web forum on
22 on the "Schedule Discrepancies" forum. I posted again on December 2.

(As I write this on December 30, I'm the last person who posted on that

forum.) Each time I provided the requested information specified in the

instructions on the website.

I've had no responses at all to email or posts in 2 months, and no 
corrections to the schedule. I'm not looking for anybody to blame or 
anything to complain about, I'm just hoping there's a process for 
reporting schedule errors that works, and that I've somehow missed it.

If there is no process that works, is there an easy method to have 
mythtv work around this problem? I'd love to be able to assign a time 
offset for each channel's schedule in mythtv. (The default being zero,

of course.) Then myth would know to adjust the schedule properly and I

wouldn't be at the mercy of incorrect schedules several times a year.
and when the schedule gets corrected, I could change the offset 
appropriately. Is there functionality like this already available?

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