[mythtv-users] No Video pcHDTV 3000

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Thu Dec 30 19:10:25 UTC 2004

At 10:22 AM -0800 12/30/04, David Highley wrote:
>This is a new system and we have had many issues trying to set up mythv.
>System configuration is:
>Dual Opteron processors
>pcHDTV 3000 - currently connected to cable tv

Does this work?  My understanding is that the HD-3000 currently gets 
only over-the-air broadcast HDTV.  Support may be coming for 
unencrypted digital cable, but I didn't think it was here yet.

>GeForce 6800 GT video card
>Samsung 243T monitor
>Fedora core 3
>The current issue is no video in mythtv when we try and watch tv, we are
>also not able to exit this mode and end up killing the mythfrontend
>process. We get video, but very poor quality using tvtime. Finally we
>have not been able to configure the monitor run at the 1900x1200
>resolution. We did see one report of someone getting this to work in
>Fedora core 3 but they did not post the configuration.

My sense is that the video resolution and TV playback problems are 
related.  I tried for a bit with FC2 and HD resolutions but never got 
an xorg.conf file that worked right.  Ended up going back to a 
debian-based or KnoppMyth install.

Can you record a stream through Myth and play it back with mplayer?

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