[mythtv-users] Bundle of questions

Gertjan Assies gertjan at assies.nu
Thu Dec 30 16:58:50 UTC 2004


> 3. Looking at your homepage-adress, you're from The Netherlands, and 
> you can use tv_grab_nl. It grabs all information from tvgids.nl. It's 
> incredibly slow, but it works. I run it every night, it takes about 3 
> hours to complete, but hey, who cares :-)
> In mythtvsetup you have an option where you specify from what country 
> you are, after setting that, mythfilldatabase (the program that 
> actually takes the output from tv_grab_nl and inserts in into the 
> database) will automatically use the right grabber. However, if you 
> can't get it to work from the setup program, you can also simply run 
> "mythfilldatabase --manual" after you're done setting up the rest.


I'm running tv_grab_nl serverside and I make the results publicly 
available here :

this will take your update time down to a few minutes instead of 3 
hours, plus reduce the strain on www.tvgids.nl  ;-)

The readme should explain all


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