[mythtv-users] Create DVD script

Wouter Lagerweij wouterla at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 10:39:14 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 00:32 -0500, Craig H Fry wrote:
> I've tried a few scripts I've found.  One looked promising that even 
> integrated into MythWeb.  Problem is it was written for a distro other 
> then FC3.  After some editing I was able to get it running about 80% but 
> it gets some weird errors on the creation process (like file not found 
> but the file is there).
> Anyway the question is does anyone have a working script that will let 
> me select the programs I want to archive and create a DVD iso with menus 
> that I can then burn?
> My Good Eats collection is out of control!

I can't help you with a nicely myth-integrated solution (haven't managed
to get any to work yet...) but if you don't mind using nuvexport-dvd to
get your mpg files and a little command-line work, you could take a look
at the dvdwizard script
( http://www.wershofen.de/downloads/dvdwizard.tar.gz ) written by
Wolfgang Wernshofen. 

The script can create nice DVDs, including menus with screenshots from
the file, and automated chaptering (every x minutes) in submenus, also
including a still from the place the chapter points to.
And it allows you to make changes in any place you want, if you like, by
just creating the dvd-author script and all the necessary files to run


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