[mythtv-users] Accumulation of knowledge for others with the PVR350 and FC3

Aaron Paluzzi ironchefkz at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 05:52:16 UTC 2004

I've gone through the FC3 install of mythtv 8 times
now and am closer 
than ever.  I've delt with and solved many of the
problems that seem 
unsolved by accident and just brute determination.

1) MySQL install

    As many of you have noticed, the default MySQL
install usually 
faults right after you install with a 'dead but...
yadda yadda yadda'.  
I've yet to get the default install to work.  My
solution was to install 
FC3 without Mysql, then modify my yum.conf file to add
the stable, 
testing, and bleeding sources to atrpms.net, and
rpm.livina.org.  When 
you 'yum install mysql' you'll be offered MySQL 4.  Go
ahead and install 

Intermediate step I've yet to try, remove the bleeding
sources after 
this.  My yum broke in later steps because of these.

Like many of you I just bought all of my equipment
with the intention of 
making my mythtv box a family x-mas gift.  As such I
have the new pvr350 
with the new tuner.  To get this working I needed to
ivtv-0.3.0.  Otherwise when I tried  'modprobe ivtv'
I'd get the 
infamous 'Cannot allocate memory' error.

These were the two main problems I had.  Took me 5
installs, then a 
quick move to Mandrake and dealing with that install
process (easier my 
foot!) to find my problem. 

FYI, I'm still not working.  I'm most of the way
there.  I can get both 
the backend and frontend up and running and the tuner
seems to work.  I 
still cannot get the TV out via the PVR350 to work, or
can I get the IR 
receiver or lird to work.  Also durring this process
as I said before, I 
broke yum.  Apt-get chokes most of the time because of
some messed up 
installation of db4.

All in all I recomend using a more proved release to
get this done.  
Either FC1 or 2, forget 3 for now if you're a newbie
like me and want 
instant gratification.  It's nothing to do with
mythtv, some reason yum 
and apt both break easily in fc3 making installing
software that more 

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