[mythtv-users] Hello everyone (MythTV noob)

Dan wolf mboverload at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 09:16:47 UTC 2004

I just wanted to say hi to everyone.  I'm new to Linux, MythTV, and
this discussion group.

So far, as I'm sure so many before me, I am ready to throw my box out
of the top of a car park.  I get so pissed at it, like, all the time. 
I am following the Myth(TV)ology guide word-for-word and all I can say
is that it just don't plain work...at all.  Wish I knew more about
Linux than I do so I could just figure it out and know all the
commands.  Here are my machine specs for my MythTV box.

- P4 @ 3 GHz
- Onboard sound
- Onboard Ethernet
- Wireless PCI card (which uses the broadcom chip, which has no Linux
documentation, so that's 30 bucks down the drain)
- PCHDTV HD-3000 Hi Definition Television PCI Card (200 bucks, and
only works in Linux!)
- Geforce FX 5700 128 MB
- Antec Case with internal black light and red case fan

However, I am not newbie to computers at all.  I build my own and run
a part-time business fixing them.  My home computer is water cooled
and has over half a terabyte of memory. (4 hard drives and 2 DVD
burners, two of the hard drives are SATA so I can have 6 IDE devices).
Right now I just have to get around to getting my A+ certification and
look at the various Linux certifications.  This is my (extremely
expensive) pet project to get used to the absolute pain that is Linux.
 Yes, I'm basing my future career on an operating system that I
currently hate!  Irony...

I am hesitant, however, to ask all my very basic questions.  I know
some of the basics and all about the Linux community (thanks,
Slashdot).  Pretty much all I know is ls, cd, chmod, and vim (don't
know how to use it though).  I know newbie's can be a pain in the ass
and the last thing I want to be is the cliché Linux noob.  Anyway, hi.

Dan Wolf

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