[mythtv-users] New Australian XMLTV grabber

Fred Donelly fdonelly at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 04:58:28 UTC 2004

> I have a site with plenty of bandwidth, I'd be happy to do this. At the moment
> though, I only grab sydney fta data - if someone tells me the best way to
> grab australia-wide data (I guess run multiple grabbers for each
> area/source?), I'll host the xml.
> Philip

I'm pretty sure they'd be more upset about us 'stealing' their data
and republishing it than they ever will be with the grabber hammering
their site once a day.  I think if you went down this path you'd be
asking for a lawyer to come round, visit and take the furniture home
with him to furnish the NineMSN offices.....


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