[mythtv-users] New Australian XMLTV grabber

Ben de Luca bend at bedel.mine.nu
Wed Dec 29 21:42:11 UTC 2004

> On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 05:02:07PM +1000, Paul Andreassen wrote:
>> This version is FIVE TIMES FASTER.  I was having trouble with my 
>> router
>> overflowing its NAT because the old version was leaving the ip
>> connections open.  Its was probably also doing a DOS on the web site,
>> although only in a small way.  It now takes 7:46 minutes instead of
>> 36:33 minutes.
> With 5 threads, isn't it DOSing their web site every time?

Its only DOSing at 3am every morning when 100 people run filldatabase, 
a time when no one really cares if it takes 36 mins. Not only is it 
rude, but things like this is what makes yahoo/ninemsn change there 
guide so we cant get information from it any more.

Some thing good I notices today is a xml feed from abc of the guide 

We should be using this instead of nine for abc at least.


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