[mythtv-users] Jarod's HOWTO for FC3

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Wed Dec 29 21:37:14 UTC 2004

On 29 Dec 2004 at 9:26, Matt D. Robinson wrote:

> As I said before, I'm trying to help figure out what's broken.

Good, Jarod and Axel welcome feedback. They'll converse with you directly if you want, 
just realize that they have a life outside of MythTV, so they might not answer 
immediately. Allow them a day or two to respond.

> If it can be fixed, then I'm all for it (and I'm doing rebuilds
> now to try and see what happened).

Also good. We are a community. I'm anxious to see what you learn. I wish that I were 
able to devote more time to getting MythTV to run on FC3.
> I don't believe in "put up or shut up" -- if it's broken, someone
> should say something, and people (including me) should try and help
> fix it.  

Yes, clearly the writeup in Jarod's guide worked for him, and just as clearly some of us 
are running into snags. It's broken for me, but not for Jarod. That's OK, report your 
findings here and we'll all take a stab at it. Even KnoppMyth won't work for me... such is 
life... and this is the exact same hardware that ran MythTV on FC1 for months with nary 
a whimper, so go figure. Hmmm... Come to think of it even getting it to run on FC1 
using Jarod's guide was not a slam-dunk the first time around. 


Someone, I don't know if it was you, Matt, stated that the guide should be taken offline. I 
don't believe that the author of that remark intended it to be taken the way it was by the 
"communuity:" It ruffled a lot of feathers for no good reason. I'm sure that it was made in 
the frustration of the moment, but suggesting that the guide should be taken offline is 
WAY over the top. (on the part of whoever said it) In fact the "put up or shut up" remark 
was a knee-jerk as well. I'm sure the author of that remark didn't intend it the way it 
sounded either.

I wish Jarod and Axel could devote a day or two to focus all of their attention on the 
guide and the RPM's. For that matter I'd bet that Isaac would welcome a WHOLE DAY, 
but that ain't going to happen unless someone were to send them each a couple of 
hundred bucks, along with all the goofy hardware that we try to make it run on, so that 
they can take a day off of work to play with MythTV.

Meanwhile, we have one heck of a good starting point in the form of Jarod's guide, 
which is now in it's 3rd generation and almost works.


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