[mythtv-users] Frontends all around the house

Will egroups at klubbing.com
Wed Dec 29 19:32:42 UTC 2004

cythraul wrote:

> What I'd really like is Via's EPIA N nano-itx board in a Silverstone'
> SST-LC07 case. It's got the CN400 chipset for MPEG2 hardware decoding
> and MPEG4 acceleration. Sound and S-Video output is onboard. Though,
> with this solution, I would not be able to reuse much stuff. Beside,
> the case is so damn expensive and I can't locate the board on any
> retailer site to get an idea on price... Also, it's not clear to me if
> anything but the board will fit in that case. Laptop HD, CF, Cardbus?

The Epia-N hasn't been released yet afaik, hence no price info. This 
interview is the closest I've seen to a guide:

"This depends to a very large degree on the country in which you buy the 
mainboards. In Europe, the price would be in the region of 290 euro 
including VAT for the EPIA SP, but might differ slightly from country to 
country. Due to the high level of integration of the VIA EPIA N Nano-ITX, 
these boards will most likely be more expensive than Mini-ITX mainboards 
currently in the market."

> While I like the CN400 chipset, it's currently offered only on EPIA N
> boards. But, the CLE266 chipset has been around for some time and
> people seems to be happy with it. The Unichrome drivers seem to have
> matured enough for this project. Beside, if there were a mini-itx
> board with a CN400 chipset, it would be as expensive as the EPIA N. :)

The Epia-SP above (290 Euros) is the only announced CN400 mini itx board I 
believe. IMHO it would be a waste to get as soon as it's launched as the 
Mpeg4 decoder will likely not be supported for some time under linux, and 
when it is, they will be cheaper to buy.


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