[mythtv-users] Remote control probs

Da Worm daworm at comcast.net
Wed Dec 29 08:18:10 UTC 2004

On 12/28/2004 at 11:40 PM Piers Kittel wrote:

>1) Running irw and using my Hauppauge remote, works fine.  But when I 
>try to use irrecord with my other remotes, it doesn't detect nearly all 
>of them (tried a total 9), only works with 1, and even then irrecord 
>didn't deal with it properly (pressed and held the button, typed in "1" 
>and pressed the "1" button but it seemed to ignore it, typed in "2" and 
>didn't press any other button and it asked me for the next button, then 
>when finishing, it asks me to tap the button fast but it does nothing 
>even tho I tapped the button for a long time?)

You will only be able to use remotes that use RC5 protocol with the built-in
IR receiver on the PVR card, as I understand it.  For others, you could build
a UIR or one of the other homebrew IR receivers, or spend the bucks and get
an IRMan prebuilt.  Note, if you buy the IRMan, you won't be able to use any
of the premade lircd.conf files, as it works differently (well, my old PixelView
remote gave totally different codes, anyway).

As for the tapping thing, I just do it for four or five seconds.  Then wait ten
seconds and it will time out and go on.  I have no clue about the not reading
some keys, though.

>2) Anyway, ignoring that, I can't quite get the remote to work with myth 
>TV - the HOWTO (http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-8.html#ss8.6) 
>mentions an lircrc file, but I can't find an example (lircrc.examples) 
>Can I have an example?

They tend to be very much tailored to the remote you are using.  Here's the one
from Jarod's guide.  


>3) When running irxevent, I find I have to run that and mythfrontend 
>within the same terminal window - I can't just log in remotely, type in 
>"irxevent &" and start mythfrontend via X?  Is it suggested that I 
>recompile MythTV to incorporate native lirc support?

You shouldn't need to do that.  The lircrc will handle that just find without
irxevent.  I just got mine almost working (lousy modelines giving me trouble)
and didn't have to mess with more than editing the above lircrc to match my
remote and the keynames I used in irrecord.  It can be a pain if you have a 
remote with fewer keys than that, though, as the one I'm using now does.


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