[mythtv-users] Jarod's HOWTO for FC3/PVR-350/X - Please Take Offline

Michael Cheshire (Mailing Lists) michael-mlists at cheshire.id.au
Wed Dec 29 01:31:02 UTC 2004


I was having exactly the problems you were, until I put vga=792 in the 
kernel boot line.

Something about the new kernels using the first framebuffer device without 
actually capturing /dev/fb0, and therefore ivtv_fb crashes quite badly when 
it tries to grab it also.

Try that.

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Jarod's HOWTO for FC3/PVR-350/X - Please Take 

> I've reviewed Jarod's MythTV FC3 HOWTO, using a single PVR-350 in
> my TV box (and I had a working base FC2 configuration), and I'm at
> a point now where I believe I can say that it just doesn't work yet.
> Jarod should take his HOWTO off-line until he's had a chance to fully
> walk through it with a PVR-350 so that those of us out there who
> are following it don't end up upgrading into a broken configuration
> (which we're all doing now).
> There are three main problems:
> - The ivtv-fb driver isn't up to rc3b yet to fix the problems with
>  the module crashes (and even then doesn't work fully);
> - X with TV Out is definitely broken; I've tried both the xorg.conf
>  pointed at from his site, as well as tuning.  Modifying the
>  ivtvdev_drv.o doesn't fix it; changing the firmware doesn't
>  work; Using either ivtvdev, fbdev, or any other combination is
>  broken.  Changing vga= and video= options doesn't help.
> - The new 2.6.9 kernels are breaking in conjunction with ivtv, and
>  the ck100zz drivers aren't useful anymore.
> Until these major problems are fixed, people should be pointed to the
> base FC2 instructions (without downloading the FC2 updates, since
> you can break your configuration with newer FC2 kernels as well)
> until these problems are fixed.
> All the previous work is really appreciated from both Jarod, Axel,
> John, and everyone else, but this is clearly a time drain so long as
> the base FC3/guide configuration doesn't work.  This is just my $0.02
> from doing this over the past three days and not making much forward
> progress (and seeing a few mythtv mailing list E-mails from people
> following Jarod's HOWTO and not seeing answers to their questions).
> When there's something really working enough to beta test and/or use,
> then I'm totally ready to help out.  :)  Thanks,
> --Matt


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