[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Recording Profiles - What bitrate settings do you use?

Michael Cheshire (Mailing Lists) michael-mlists at cheshire.id.au
Tue Dec 28 23:53:02 UTC 2004


Just drop the bitrate in your recording profile(s). Utilities/Setup -> 
Setup -> TV Settings -> Recording Profiles.

I use a bitrate of 4000 which I find gives me good quality.  Of course, 
using a PVR-350, my resolution is fixed (PAL) 720x576.

You can drop it to 2200 which is approx 1gb/hr.

I'd be interested in hearing what other people use also?

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>I finally have  a PVR-350 in my MythTV working with TV out, and am very
> pleased with the quality of the recordings.  They take over 2GB of disk
> space per hour, however, so I would like to investigate lower quality/
> lower file size parameters.  All of the recording profiles provided look
> the same to me, so I don't know where to start.  What should I change to
> get the "DVD Extra Long Play" discussed in PVR-350 advertisements, for 
> example?


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