[mythtv-users] Recommendations

mikemurphy mike at halfmytime.com
Tue Dec 28 19:54:41 UTC 2004

nate s wrote:

>>What distribution are you using?  I'm thinking either Fedora Core or
>>Mandrake (I love gentoo, but I think it may be too much for this)...
>Gentoo too much?  How so?  I've got it running fine on gentoo.  I hear
>FC is one of the easiest to set up due to Jarod's guide, and I've also
>heard good things about KnoppMyth, esp. for a first time setup. 
>However, if you're already a gentoo user, I'd highly recommned that,
>as in my slightly biased opinion, the setup on gentoo is even easier
>(gentoo setup in general is hard, but if you're familar with that, the
>mythtv setup part is pretty painless.)

I agree,

I did Knoppmyth first, but when I tried to upgrade to Myth version 0.16 
I had a hard time finding Debian packages.  The box was having other 
problems too, so I scrapped it tried Gentoo and I loved it.  Yes the 
installation was a lot more involved, but I learned a hell of a lot more 
about Myth and about Linux in general from going through it.  Now that I 
know the box inside and out, I'm much better at troubleshooting when 
things go wrong.  Also I imagine my next upgrade will be easier since 
Gentoo will probably be the first distro with Myth packages, and if they 
don't, it should still be one of the easiest to install from the source 
tarballs.  A friend of mine who runs Knoppmyth said he hit a lot of 
problems trying to do a manual compile upgrade because Knoppmyth moves a 
lot of things like libraries to non-default locations and he had to move 
them back.

So if you feel like taking the time and learning a lot, I would 
recommend Gentoo.  There are also some excellent Gentoo-specific guides 
out there too, check out:

Good Luck,

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