[mythtv-users] Repeat problems with ati_remote in 2.6 kernel

Dave Steinberg dave at taro.homeip.net
Tue Dec 28 18:38:38 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Yesterday, I upgraded my myth box to a 2.6.10 kernel, from 2.4.26.  Almost 
eeverything has gone very smoothly, with just one outstanding problem.

I had been happily using the 2.1.1 ati_remote driver from the GATOS 
project, without lirc.  I'm now using the follow-on that's included in the 
2.6 kernel.

I noticed that many of the keycodes have changed, but that was no problem: 
I just used xev to get them all, and updated my .xmodmaprc.  One odd thing 
is that I'm no longer getting a keypress from the channel + and - buttons.

The real problem, though, is the repeat behaviour.  I'm finding that it's 
very easy to accidentally get a double keypress.  If I press 2 or 3 times 
in a row, I'll get 6 or 8 presses.  It makes things pretty hard to 
control.  I'd guess that the repeat functionality that's shown up since 
the old driver is supposed to allow me to hold down a button and get rapid 
repeats, but if I do that, it keeps going well after I stop pressing it.

Here's what's logged when I load the module:

Dec 28 13:25:51 myth kernel: ati_remote 2-2:1.0: Input registered: X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Receiver on usb-0000:00:02.0-2
Dec 28 13:25:51 myth kernel: usbcore: registered new driver ati_remote
Dec 28 13:25:51 myth kernel: drivers/usb/input/ati_remote.c: Registered USB driver ATI/X10 RF USB Remote Control v. 2.2.1
Dec 28 13:25:51 myth kernel: drivers/usb/input/ati_remote.c: Weird data, len=1 ff 00 00 00 00 00 ...

Has anyone had any luck using the ati_remote driver in 2.6?  Anyone seen 
these kinds of problems, or better yet, solved them?


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