[mythtv-users] menu speed

Paul Miller paul at pinheiro.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 28 17:29:36 UTC 2004

I just started evaluating MythTV on my old P2-450MHz system, which 
currently has no video hardware.  Eventually, I hope to use my 
P3-800MHz with a PVR-500 card.  Anyhow, I noticed right away that 
the menus are awfully slow.  It takes a couple of seconds to move 
between different menus or even moving through the program guide.  
Can this be improved?  I'm using Debian/sid with the Debian MythTV 
packages, and testing with the local keyboard.  My original TiVo 
runs on a far less powerful system and has similar, if not better, 

I would really like to see very snappy and responsive menus.  One of 
my biggest complaints about digital cable/satelite and TiVo is that 
the moving through the menus is too slow.  I hate having to wait 
for the system to respond after I've pressed a key.


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