[mythtv-users] X through PVR350 probs

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon Dec 27 17:10:38 UTC 2004

Yeah I'm in the PAL world.

I assume when you mean the "messages file" you mean the output made by 
ivtv when it starts up in dmesg?

Not sure if I've already told you, but when I start saa7127 with the 
test image, it works fine but I suspect it's in NTSC as the image comes 
up as black and white on my temporary TV isn't NTSC or S-Video 
compatiable, but when connected to my main TV which is NTSC and S-Video 
compatiable, the test image comes up in colour, but it's the same when I 
select composite or S-Video on the TV (tho S-Video looks a bit checked).

Anyway when I start saa7127 without the test image on either TV, it 
shows the same image as in the picture I included in the previous email.

Thanks yet again

Cheers - Piers

John Harvey wrote:
> I'm assuming that you are in PAL world?
> If so I would guess that the driver isn't running properly in PAL.
> Either add std=2 (I think) to ivtv options or if that doesn't work post a
> link to your messages file and I'll take a look through it.
> John

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