[mythtv-users] 4 Problems with Jarods walkthrough

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 23:55:24 UTC 2004

> Problem 1: Mythtv frontend works (The first time I run it).  Everytime I
> reboot after that, when you go to watch tv, nothing happens.  Reason being,
> for some reason the modprobe is not picking up the ivtv or ivtv-fb.  So I
> can go in there and do a modprobe ivtv, and everything loads up just fine,
> and I can watch TV just fine.  

You may need to put the modprobe in your rc.local so it executes at
boot up. I have a bt878 card and I found that I had to modprobe the
lirc driver which then involed the bt878 driver. Try that and see what
happens. For me it was this line in rc.local, but your lirc driver may
be different:
             /sbin/modprobe lirc_gpio

> Problem 2:  MythTV frontend  (watching TV) works just fine, until I reboot
> for the first time.  Then after I do a modprobe for ivtv, I can watch one
> channel.  I can not change channels at all, unless I pull out the changer
> script used in his walk through.  

I've seen something about this - search the mythtv archive at

> Problem 3:  lircd works the first time, but after a reboot, it no longer
> works.  Error messages in /var/log/messages says that it can not find lirc
> in /dev/.  First I have to do a modprobe for ivtv or anything else in
> modprob.conf, and then if I go in there, and do ln –s lirc lirc0, then I can
> get irw to at least start, however, once started, I have NEVER gotten the
> remote to work.  I have changed batteries and done everything I can think of
> to get it working, but nothing works.  (I have the PVR-350 with the grey
> remote, and I am using the correct config for that remote in /etc/lirc.conf)

Are you sure you have the correct lircd.conf file? You can download
one for your remote or you can create your own by shutting down lircd
and running irrecord.conf which outputs the lircd.conf settings to the
file you specify on the command line. Are you sure lircd is running?

> Problem 4:  I have yet to figure out the proper things to put in xorg.conf
> to make X go out to the outport of my PVR-350.  When I to an lspci –v, its
> on 02:00.0 .  But when I put that into the xorg.conf that is used in Jarods
> walkthrough, it just crashes the computer, and nothing goes out to the tuner
> card.

Again, try the mailing list archive and see what that turns up.

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