[mythtv-users] 4 Problems with Jarods walkthrough

Jeromy jmallory at lcisd.net
Sat Dec 25 16:37:23 UTC 2004

Okay, I have done this walk through 3 times now.  Started over from format
every time, just to make sure there wasn't something that I was forgetting.
However, all 3 times, the exact same things happens.  I have four problems:


Problem 1: Mythtv frontend works (The first time I run it).  Everytime I
reboot after that, when you go to watch tv, nothing happens.  Reason being,
for some reason the modprobe is not picking up the ivtv or ivtv-fb.  So I
can go in there and do a modprobe ivtv, and everything loads up just fine,
and I can watch TV just fine.  


Problem 2:  MythTV frontend  (watching TV) works just fine, until I reboot
for the first time.  Then after I do a modprobe for ivtv, I can watch one
channel.  I can not change channels at all, unless I pull out the changer
script used in his walk through.  


Problem 3:  lircd works the first time, but after a reboot, it no longer
works.  Error messages in /var/log/messages says that it can not find lirc
in /dev/.  First I have to do a modprobe for ivtv or anything else in
modprob.conf, and then if I go in there, and do ln -s lirc lirc0, then I can
get irw to at least start, however, once started, I have NEVER gotten the
remote to work.  I have changed batteries and done everything I can think of
to get it working, but nothing works.  (I have the PVR-350 with the grey
remote, and I am using the correct config for that remote in /etc/lirc.conf)


Problem 4:  I have yet to figure out the proper things to put in xorg.conf
to make X go out to the outport of my PVR-350.  When I to an lspci -v, its
on 02:00.0 .  But when I put that into the xorg.conf that is used in Jarods
walkthrough, it just crashes the computer, and nothing goes out to the tuner


Any ideas on any of this?  I can post anything that you guys need.  Thanks
in advance.




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