[mythtv-users] Is audio-card required?

Soren Pingel Dalsgaard spd at mjolner.dk
Sat Dec 25 21:58:43 UTC 2004

I am finally am to assemble a system which has the components I
need/like: PVR-250 + PVR-350. I removed my Soundblaster card as I
assumed the PVR-350 would get audio through the tuner and deliver
sound on the tv-out. But when I configure myth there is nothing for me
to select on "Audio device". Is a sound card required and how should I
cable things up with more than one tuner card?

On a side note - what are all the videoX's for? 0 and 1 are for my
PVR's and 2 if for a cheap tuner card with no en/decoder. But I also
have 17, 24, 25, 32, 33 and 49.

Best regards,
  Søren Pingel Dalsgaard

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