[mythtv-users] Myth Shutdown/Wakeup not executing

Elvis De La Boyo elvis_de_la_boyo at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 25 20:50:38 UTC 2004


I'm running mythtv 0.15 on gentoo (backend+Frontend on the same node) and 
I'm rather obsessed with getting Shutdown/Wakeup operational.

I've installed, configured and tested nvram-wakeup.  Pretty slick, even 
though my mobo was not directly supported.

I've run through the HowTo describing the mythsetup procedure, that seemed 
pretty straight forward.

I've wrtitten the 3 required call-out scripts (mythshutdown, mythsettime and 
mythpreshutdown).  Each of those work when executed from the command line.

idle timeout: 5
max wait: 15
startup before: 120

When I exit mythfrontend (and expect the 3 scripts to run in the opposite 
order as listed above), I get nothing.  It's not a permissions thing since 
I've tried running mythfrontend as root too.  It's more like escaping 
(halting) out of the FE is not running the 3 commands (scripts).  Frankly 
I'm really hoping I'm blind and just missed the "Enable MythShutdown" flag.  
But I sure can't find it.  The set up was logical and felt right.  Thanks 
for any advice.

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