[mythtv-users] Running nuvexport on a remote host?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Dec 23 20:55:25 UTC 2004

Joakim Kolsjö wrote:
>>>Ok. I can't do much about the config in the database because it need
>>>it to have RecodFilePrefix to be on the backend computer.
>>You're not making any sense.  Each host that runs mythtv has its own
>>RecordFilePrefix setting.  You could even manually set a field for the
>>machine you want to run nuvexport on and not have mythtv installed.
> Every computer that runs the Backend of mythtv has it's own
> RecordFilePrefix setting, any other computer can use that database, as
> i do, by propertly configuring a ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt. But in this way,
> i can't change the host in the database, because i still need the
> backend to record locally.

I'll second that you're not making sense. In light of the fact
that you don't know what to do and you are asking for help, you
are making incorrect declarative statements in response to the

A backend does not need to be running for the setting to exist.
There are many settings that are on a per host basis such as
RecordFilePrefix and adding another setting for host "bar" has
exactly zero impact on the setting for host "foo" or the ability
for the master to backend to record locally.

On the second host where you want to run nuvexport, run myth's
"setup" program and choose "1. General". On the firs page, set
the correct IP for that has and verify that the "Master Server
IP address" is correct. On the second page enter the hosts
local path to the NFS mounted directory. You can ignore everything
else and press Next until you return to the main menu then press

This does not configure cards or require a backend to run or impede
the master backend's ability or anything of the sort. It simply
sets the IP and path info for that host which is needed by nuvexport
and such.

--  bjm

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