[mythtv-users] Running nuvexport on a remote host?

Joakim Kolsjö trejje at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 19:40:38 UTC 2004

> > Ok. I can't do much about the config in the database because it need
> > it to have RecodFilePrefix to be on the backend computer.
> You're not making any sense.  Each host that runs mythtv has its own
> RecordFilePrefix setting.  You could even manually set a field for the
> machine you want to run nuvexport on and not have mythtv installed.

Every computer that runs the Backend of mythtv has it's own
RecordFilePrefix setting, any other computer can use that database, as
i do, by propertly configuring a ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt. But in this way,
i can't change the host in the database, because i still need the
backend to record locally.

> > However... I've successfully made my own copy of nuvexport, editing
> > mythtv/recordings.pm:45, commenting the database access and adding my
> > own path to the recodings.
> The whole point of nuvexport is that it pulls show names, etc. from the
> database.

Yes, and that part i use, but it's the path to the actuall files that
i can't pull from this database, because the info in the database is
for accessing them locally on the backend, not by my nfs mount of it.

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