[mythtv-users] Do I need TV-out with a DVI TV

DustyMugs dustymugs at skewedperception.com
Thu Dec 23 19:35:19 UTC 2004

DVI is technically both, if I'm correct but its safe to assume that it 
is digital.  More info is available here... http://www.ddwg.org/dvi.html

Compared to s-vid or component for that matter, DVI is superior 
(especially if the signal is digital and your tv has digital DVI in). 
Additionally, DVI can push higher resolutions at better quality than 
either s-vid or component.  If you've got a computer with dvi out and a 
tv with dvi in, I'd go that route.


Sim wrote:

> I understand that you can connect a VGA computer output to the DVI input of a 
> TV.  The connection is analogue, but I think TV-out (s-video) is too, so is 
> there any difference in quality?  What about composite, that some video cards 
> also support?
> DVI only seems to be supported on higher-end video cards and I want to build a 
> system based on a barebones and just rely on the onboard video..
> Sim
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