[mythtv-users] prob. w/ backend connectivity on ep. deletes from frontend & generally from mythweb

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Thu Dec 23 18:45:10 UTC 2004

Wow,  that subject line was a bit verbose, but anyway here's the general 
problem I've only recently seen happen.

I'm running Gentoo with a 2.6.5 kernel, a slightly-custom-patched 
version of ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck100z and 0.16 of mythtv.  Everything else 
is essentially common.  Also, I should mentioned that I *think* this 
problem only arose recently after I added a second PVR-250 (the second 
one is a 975 32552 model and the first one was a (985?) 32031) to my 
previously smooth-running myth box.

What seems to happen, perhaps every couple of days or so, but it could 
be triggered by who knows what, is sometimes when I'm trying to delete 
an episode from the main browsing screen, mythfrontend hangs for a good 
30 seconds or so and then pops that window that says (paraphrasing) 
"can't connect to mythbackend... is it running?"

The strange part is that mythbackend *is* running, and if I try to 
*play* an episode right after that, everything works fine.  But if I go 
back and try to delete again, I get the same message.

The only way I've found to fix the problem is to restart mythbackend.  
Then I can immediately delete the same episode.

Furthermore, when the system is in that state, I'll get a similar 
message from the mythweb status.php page.  And again, if I restart 
mythbackend, the status page comes up with no problem.

I briefly scanned the archives for a similar problem, but the definition 
was a bit too complex, and I wasn't getting any good hits.  Anyone else 
hit this or have any idea what might be causing it?  The log output for 
mythbackend has *nothing* that I've noticed that would explain what's 


John Lawler

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