[mythtv-users] OT: Best modchip for xbox to be used for mythtv?

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> William wrote:
> >>>Not necessary.
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> >>Yup, he's right.  I have a 1.6 XBox and used a method similar
> >>to the posting above.  The newer hacks are really slick - you
> >>get a nice menu when you boot up. After the initial hack, I
> >>just followed the instructions at:
> >>http://bit.blkbk.com/bittorrent/ to get a Myth > frontend
> >>running - works great!
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> >>Dave
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> >Mine is less than 30 days old by the date on the label. Version 1.6 for
> >sure, probably 1.6b which is very new. I had seen that site before but
> >elsewhere read that it would only work on ver 1.0-1.5 bios. Can you point me
> >to a url for your install method? I dont want to screw this up :)
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> >Bill
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> Im not up on the software hacks like I use to be, but if you do end up
> getting a chip, Id recommend the SmartXX version 2, or the new SmartXX
> LT OPX, which both include a USB adapter, which you just plug into one
> of the controller ports and then hook your USB device to it.  The
> differences between the vs 2 and LT OPX chip is the LT OPX is smaller,
> instead of a 4mb memory chip like on the vs 2 chip the LT OPX has only
> 1mb, the OS on the LT OPX doesnt have as many options, and the LT OPX
> costs about half what the vs 2 (~$60USD for vs2, ~$30USD for the LT
> OPX).  One major difference is, if your XBox is a 1.6b (meaning it has
> Hynix memory chips in it instead of samsung chips which XBox vs 1.0-1.5
> have) you will have to rebuild the LPC port on the XBox to allow it to
> use a modchip; most of the time you would use a "LPC Rebuild board",
> then install the pin headers and the mod chip would go onto the pin
> headers.  The LT OPX doesnt need a rebuild board as its intergrated INTO
> the chip, the modchip and LPC Rebuild board are all one piece, and you
> install it to the bottom of the XBox 1.6b motheboard, not needing to
> isntall pin headers on top.  You can get info on the the chip at
> www.smartxx.com. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.  If
> your in the USA, www.bmmods.com is the official reseller first getting
> the LT OPX chip, and they are in my opinion the best reseller in the USA.
> Tom E. Craddock, Jr.
> sigtom at sigtom.com
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I couldn't find the exact instructions I followed, but the following
should get you started:

There are lots of tutorials in the forums, just look around and you
should be able to find them.

Good luck!

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