[mythtv-users] commercial PVRs for myth?

Dave Howorth Dave.Howorth at acm.org
Wed Dec 22 17:26:55 UTC 2004


I'm planning to start digitising my house entertainment using mythtv.

I'm based in the UK and use the Freeview DVB-T transmissions. My main
TV, hi-fi and the antenna are all in my lounge, so I definitely need a
myth box there. I expect I'll also have a main disk server somewhere
else where noise isn't as much of an issue, and smaller boxes located
with other TVs.

So the box in the lounge needs to have a couple of DVB-T tuners and be
able to output video and audio. It should have some processing power and
  probably will be easier to engineer if it has a bit of disk. If so, it
should be possible to record to that disk.

That sounds to me like the description of a PVR and it appears I can buy
a commercial one much more cheaply than trying to assemble one from
parts. Which sounds a bit like the situation with Linux and wi-fi DSL
routers. So do any of the commercially available PVRs come with
standards-based network interfaces? Or has anybody hacked a commercial
PVR to run myth? (like the WRT54G router runs OpenWrt)

Thanks, Dave

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