[mythtv-users] Please help! Incomplete recordings

Joel Anderson bitjunkie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 15:52:24 UTC 2004

> >>My 0.16 system was working finr until a week or two ago, when it
> >>suddenly started aborting recordings before they were finished. I
> >>haven't changed anything on the system.
> >
> > You're having roughly the same problem we are, except on our machine
> > it's one card of two, and sometimes it hangs the motherboard.
> >
> > Which card *exactly*, and which driver?
> I've got 2 PVR-250s (I don't know any more detail than that), using ivtv
> 0.1.10-48.3_pre2_ck100zz on Fedora Core 2.
> It doesn't appear to be specific to one card or the other. (one doesn't
> get used very often -- I've got the digital cable box plugged into the
> s-video of one and analog cable into the coax of the other. The second
> doesn't get used very often).

I'm having the same (or similar) problem lately, but it seems to
happen only when using my second card.  Not every time, maybe 50% of
the time.  Sometimes it's just after starting the recording, less than
a minute in usually.  Sometimes the backend stops responding but the
recording finishes, and it doesn't start any new ones that were
scheduled.  Restarting the backend is enough to get it going again.

Seems it may be related to the 0.1.10-48.3_pre2_ck100zz driver, as it
looks like the only similarity.  My first card is  PVR-250, second is
an m179, still running 0.15.1 on FC1,

This could have started for me after upgrading the ivtv drivers, but
I'm not sure as my second card doesn't really get used that much and I
don't remember exactly when the problem started.

Just thought I would throw in another data point for comparison.


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