[mythtv-users] S-Video image worse than RCA??

Rob Greene robgreene at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 15:31:38 UTC 2004

Myth is moving along nicely... Most of my problems haven't actually
been with myth - predominately, it's setting up hardware which I
normally don't use for Linux. (I have used Linux as a server since
something like 1992 or 1994 but not as a desktop. Sound, video,
capture, etc have never mattered so I've ignored it.)

I have a PVR-350. It works fine - I've been using the RCA out while
setting it up because my VCR has RCA jacks on the front. However, my
tuner allows S-Video, and the TV also can use S-Video. Seeing some of
the comments about how nice S-Video is compared to RCA, I thought I'd
better set it up...

But, the picture isn't very good. About the same quality as the RCA,
in fact. With one exception: The colors are faded or something. When
I'm on the Myth menu, that nice solid blue background shows up with
what appears to be a texture - it looks like many blue dots instead of
a solid blue background. In general, I think I'm also losing colors
but I don't know how to describe it. Clarity of the text is good in
the middle of the screen but lost around the edges (which may be the
old 1990 Sony TV; it was a problem with the RCA connection too).

Anyway, do I need to configure X differently for S-Video out? Should I
get better resolution? Is there a different register value to set with

I've searched around, but I don't think I know what to search on.  :-(


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