[mythtv-users] Sound card recommendation

MaLaM malambzh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:11:51 UTC 2004

> I'm planning on building a mythtv system. I have a receiver and
> speakers already setup. I have some questions about connecting a sound
> card to the receiver and which sound card will work best for my setup.

I use a basic Sound Blaster Live Player 5.1. with jack SPDIF output.
You don't need expansive cards if you use pass through.

> Does the spdif/optical only pass through dvd audio so I would need to
> hook up my analog outputs to the receiver somehow to get pcm sound?

For me :
MythTV (liveTV & recorded programs) ok with ALSA:spdif option
(setup->general, not in the dropdown list)

Dvd : ok with Xine : 3 options to change in the cfg file (set pass
through & alsa:spdif for alsa_a52 option for 5.1 sound and stereo

Divx : I use Xine, so it's ok (divx with 5.1 ac3 sound it's great!).
Don't manage with mplayer

Mythmusic & games use analog sound. I think with a good .asoundrc for
games, and the last cvs version of mythmusic (it use now mythtv sound
lib) you can do it.

> My main point of confusion is what sort of features i need on the
> soundcard to achieve what I want above. The chaintech is only $25 and
> it has a digital output. Is that enough? The audigy seems like it
> might be overkill since I just want the soundcard to pass the audio
> straight through. I heard the intel high definition audio can sample
> everything up to dd. Would that simplify my life?

Make sure these sound cards work with alsa and spif/optical out

PS : with alsa 1.0.6 : no sound in Xine, I try Alsa cvs last week :
all ok, great!

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