[mythtv-users] RAID on Fedora Core 3?

Max Waterman davidmaxwaterman at fastmail.co.uk
Wed Dec 22 08:40:21 UTC 2004

Anthony Vito wrote:
>>OK, I think I've decided to do raid in linux's mdadmin tool.
>>So, now I just need to find a card or cards that will support 8 drives
>>each with it's own channel. I have failed to find a non-raid card larger than
>>a 2-channel card. All the ones more than 2 channels are labeled 'raid'.
>>I know many have warned against Promise, but I think that is mainly due to their
>>use as raid devices. I know they do some 4 channel cards - do they work
>>ok in that mode? I know the 2-channel 'RAID' card works as a plain IDE
>>controller. Anyone have a 4-channel one? Anyone care to guess?
> Why do you need one without the "RAID" label? Pretty much everything
> but the 3ware cards are only software RAID. So the label is just
> marketing. You can run RAID 0 or 1 in linux on a 2 port card in
> software far better then the "RAID driver" that will come with the
> card.

Because the ones without the RAID label are *much* cheaper - esp. here
in China - something like $50 instead of $100. That's the only reason.

...but I can't find a 4 (or 8) port one which doesn't have the RAID
label, and the price tag to match.


> I have a 4 channel promise SATA card .. ( the SX4 ?? ) I currently run
> 2 segate 200gig drives in RAID 1 with linux software raid on a
> modified 2.6 kernel on top of Fedora core 2. It's perfectly fine,
> happy, and fast. I don't use ports 3 or 4.. but I can't imagine any
> issues with them. * shugs shoulders *

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