[mythtv-users] Memory requirement

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 22:19:07 UTC 2004

> >>> "David Levine" <curiouskangaroo at gmail.com> 12/21/2004 4:40:25 PM
> >>>
> Hi, I have a dual-tuner (PVR250) backend running smoothly, with an
> XBox frontend.
> I'm considering getting a second frontend.  This would be a frontend
> only, not a slave backend, and will not do its own encoding.  Would a
> P3-933 w/128 megs of RAM be okay for decoding?  I'm not worried about
> the CPU, but I wanted to make sure the memory was sufficient.  I'm
> looking at an inexpensive eVectra, which from what I understand seems
> to be very difficult to upgrade (i.e. I'd probably be stuck with the
> 128 if I got it).
> Thanks for any info,
> David

the xBox front end only has 64MB, and that is shared memory between
the processor and video card.  and i believe the processor is roughly
equivilent to a PIII 800 or so...
that said, what are the minimum requirements of a front end system
that is just used as a front end?  obviously it needs some sort of tv
out (assuming you're connecting to tv) and audio out.
i've noticed some threads that say the front end usually needs to be
more powerful than the backend (assuming the backend is using one of
the pvr-x50 cards) because it has to decode the mpg2 streams.
any thoughts?

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