[mythtv-users] Memory requirement

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Dec 21 22:53:20 UTC 2004

Andrew Close wrote:

>the xBox front end only has 64MB, and that is shared memory between
>the processor and video card.  and i believe the processor is roughly
>equivilent to a PIII 800 or so...
>that said, what are the minimum requirements of a front end system
>that is just used as a front end?  obviously it needs some sort of tv
>out (assuming you're connecting to tv) and audio out.
>i've noticed some threads that say the front end usually needs to be
>more powerful than the backend (assuming the backend is using one of
>the pvr-x50 cards) because it has to decode the mpg2 streams.
>any thoughts?
The requirements probably are the same for PVR-250 recording playback 
and for playing back DVDs.  It used to be that a 500mhz machine was all 
they needed for DVD playback so I think that anything above that is 
gravy.  If you have XvMC and can get it working, the processor on the 
frontend becomes secondary for MPEG-2 playback.  For MPEG-4, I can say 
I'm running on a PIII 450 with 128MB of RAM and can play it back just 


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