[mythtv-users] Video/Deinterlacing/Sound problems (XvMC)

Neil Milne maillist at hippoit.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 22:25:21 UTC 2004

Brian Bartlow wrote:

> Anyhow, my main question is, how can I confirm that xvmc is being used
> by MythTV?  And if it isn't being used, how do I turn it on?  I've
> already compiled Myth with xvmc turned on the in settings.  Everywhere I
> read that with XvMC turned on, the overlays go to B&W, and mine are
> color.  Does that mean XvMC isn't being used?

I believe the frontend log will show you - try running:
mythfrontend --verbose display

and watch for the bit where it says it's using XvMC (or words similar to 


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