[mythtv-users] Video/Deinterlacing/Sound problems (XvMC)

Brian Bartlow mythtv at roostervision.com
Tue Dec 21 21:20:47 UTC 2004

First off, I'm pretty new to linux and mythtv, but I have been working
on this for a few weeks now so I'm not completely lost.  I'm just stuck.

Here's my situation.  I have MythTV installed and working fine for
everything except HDTV.  When I try to watch HDTV with the deinterlace
off, I can see the picture and hear the sound fine, but there are
interlace artifacts everywhere.  If I turn deinterlacing on, then the
picture looks good but the sound stutters.  I'm basically maxing out my CPU.

The kicker is, I'm not sure if I'm using xvmc or not.  I'm thinking not
because I think I have enough CPU to handle all this if xvmc is working.
  But maybe I'm wrong.

Really quickly here is my hardware:
- Chaintech CT-7NIF2 (nforce2)
- Athlon 2700+
- 512MB dual channel DDR
- PC3000 HDTV tuner card

And I'm using Fedora Core2.

I'm trying to use the onboard video and sound.  Eventually I would like
to decode AC3 into the 6 channels and send them to my receiver (an old
sony) as the 6 channels because my receiver doesn't have a decoder chip
in it.  It's 5.1 ready which means it has 6 RCA inputs on the back.
Right now I'm just listening through headphones.

Anyhow, my main question is, how can I confirm that xvmc is being used
by MythTV?  And if it isn't being used, how do I turn it on?  I've
already compiled Myth with xvmc turned on the in settings.  Everywhere I
read that with XvMC turned on, the overlays go to B&W, and mine are
color.  Does that mean XvMC isn't being used?

My second questions is, is my hardware powerful enough to decode the
HDTV MPEG stream, deinterlace it, and decode the AC3 audio?  One more
thing, I'm using a projector so I'm not using the TV-out, just the VGA.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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