[mythtv-users] Memory requirement

David Levine curiouskangaroo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 21:40:25 UTC 2004

Hi, I have a dual-tuner (PVR250) backend running smoothly, with an
XBox frontend.

I'm considering getting a second frontend.  This would be a frontend
only, not a slave backend, and will not do its own encoding.  Would a
P3-933 w/128 megs of RAM be okay for decoding?  I'm not worried about
the CPU, but I wanted to make sure the memory was sufficient.  I'm
looking at an inexpensive eVectra, which from what I understand seems
to be very difficult to upgrade (i.e. I'd probably be stuck with the
128 if I got it).

Thanks for any info,

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