[mythtv-users] Really stupid question...

Rob Greene robgreene at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 21:35:43 UTC 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 11:27:17 -0800, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:


> Define "choose a program". I pressed "i" Enter and Space. All
> worked correctly for me...

I was pushing the "OK" from the remote - same action as "i"/Enter/Space.

> > 4. I note that the "Channel: Any" seems weird.. (Side note: Shouldn't
> > it know that Clifford is on PBS channel 2 at this point? I pulled it
> > from the Program Guide, after all.)
> Of course it should. By coincidence, I tried this at 11:09 and
> it happens that Clifford starts at 11:30 on PBS channel 10.
> If I press "i" Enter or Space from the program guide, it shows
> the correct Airdate, Channel and other discriptive information.

It is odd. When I schedule the channel, it says "Channel: Any". When I
pull it up from Set Priorities (so it's getting saved somewhere), I
get the airdate, channel, program name, etc. However, it never shows
up in list of Upcoming Shows/Recordings...

> If you Save somthing as a Single and there is no starttime or
> channels, it's doomed.

I've noticed that...   :-(

> > 2004-12-21 11:47:00 Scheduled 0 items in 0.122312 seconds.
> "0"? you've never managed to to schedule anything? check the
> output from both the frontend and backend to see if it is
> complaining that database queries are failing.

No, I've never managed to schedule anything.  Even if I manually plug
in times and channels.

But, I did have an error in the logs relating to the database -

2004-12-21 14:43:22 CheckChannel failed. Please verify channel "1" in
the "setup" Channel Editor.
<etc etc etc>
2004-12-21 14:43:22 Error, couldn't find any available channels.
2004-12-21 14:43:22 Your database is most likely setup incorrectly.

After some grubbing around, I saw others had mentioned mythtvsetup. I
went to look and in section 5 ("Channels" IIRC), I had two connections
setup. One was blank (I had troubles) the other didn't appear to have
an id/pw set. I deleted both, re-created the correct entry, re-did the
mythfilldatabase and re-started mythbackend. When it started up, it
scheduled Americas Funniest Home Videos. (Well, it was better than
soap operas!!)

I bet I'm in the first video...


Oh yeah - WORKSFORMENOW.  :-)

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