[mythtv-users] Really stupid question...

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Dec 21 19:27:17 UTC 2004

Rob Greene wrote:
> But I cannot seem to get it working.


> I'm trying to schedule a show with Myth...
> 1. I go into Manage Recordings > Schedule > Program Guide.
> 2. I choose a program.

Define "choose a program". I pressed "i" Enter and Space. All
worked correctly for me...
> 3. I set it to record only this showing (and this is at least 15
> minutes before program startes).
> 4. I note that the "Channel: Any" seems weird.. (Side note: Shouldn't
> it know that Clifford is on PBS channel 2 at this point? I pulled it
> from the Program Guide, after all.)

Of course it should. By coincidence, I tried this at 11:09 and
it happens that Clifford starts at 11:30 on PBS channel 10.
If I press "i" Enter or Space from the program guide, it shows
the correct Airdate, Channel and other discriptive information.

> 5. I choose "Save these Settings" and see the time blink (wheter the
> blinking is good or bad, I don't know).

If you Save somthing as a Single and there is no starttime or
channels, it's doomed.

> 6. I see the show listed in Set Priorities but not Upcoming Recordings.
> Obviously, the show never gets recorded. I see the following in my
> /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log:
> 2004-12-21 11:47:00 Scheduled 0 items in 0.122312 seconds.

"0"? you've never managed to to schedule anything? check the
output from both the frontend and backend to see if it is
complaining that database queries are failing.

--  bjm

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