[mythtv-users] Integration with IR distribution???

sschaefer1 at woh.rr.com sschaefer1 at woh.rr.com
Tue Dec 21 20:33:29 UTC 2004

How can I get MythTV to respond to infrared signals if there are seperate receivers in each room (one /dev/lirc* per room)?

My MythTV box is modulated/combined with my antenna cable so that all the televisions in my house can tune into whatever is being played back.
Instead of having to walk back to the room where my MythTV box is, in order to issue commands.
I want to be able to issue commands from any room with a television.

The obvious answer is having all infrared receivers from each room be connected to a bus.
Unfortunately I have additional plans for infrared distribution which conflicts with a bus system.

I want each room's infrared receiver to be treated as a seperate device by LIRC.
(So I can control my home automation stuff from a remote, rather than having dedicated wall mounted interfaces.)
This way I can have a custom server program watching the infrared receivers for incoming signals.
The same remote would be used throughout the house, so the server program can distinguish context from the receiver the signal came from.

1) Power button signal received from the master bedroom == turn on/off the television in the master bedroom
2) Power button signal received from the bathroom == turn on/off the vent in the bathroom
3) Power button signal received from the kitchen, within 15 seconds of the front doorbell ring == unlock the front door

1) Have MythTV watch the PVR-350's LIRC receiver, my server program would determine what signals are destined to MythTV and repeat the signal locally to PVR-350's infrared receiver.
2) Have MythTV watch a dummy LIRC device, my server program would determine what signals are destined to MythTV and write the signal to the dummy device.
3) Have two infrared receivers per room, one from each room would be connected to a bus, MythTV would watch that infrared bus -- in theory ignoring signals it didn't recognize.
4) If MythTV supports it, have my server program interpret the infrared signals, have it control MythTV externally -- through interprocess signalling???

I have no infrared distribution experience -- hoping I can get as much input as possible before I start buying parts for it.

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