[mythtv-users] Consecutive programs, dual tuners

Martin Brown Martin.Brown at macquarie.com
Tue Dec 21 04:31:13 UTC 2004

Unfortunately, a second tuner card does _NOT_ necessarily solve this problem. You'd think it would 
but no.

If the two programs are on the same channel, only the one tuner will be used, the end of the first 
program will be on the file for the second program. Sure, it's recorded ... until you edit or delete 
the second program to discover that you also lost the last bit of the first one. Bummer!

I haven't seen it do this for two consecutive programs recorded from different channels. I'll try 
that one out.

This sounds like a bug the more I think about it.


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>>> What I'm proposing is this.  Currently if a recording goes from 8pm to
>>> 9:01pm and another goes from 9:00pm to 10:00pm, the second will not be
>>> recorded (assuming 1 tuner) because of the overlap.  I'd like the
>>> scheduler, at 9:01pm, to recognize that program 2 is only 1 minute into
>>> the show and start recording it when the tuner becomes available despite
>>> the 1 minute overlap resulting in 1 minute missing from the second
>>> show.   I don't like setting  the "record late" option on program 2
>>> because it will *always* record late even when there is no conflict.
> In an earlier discussion on this it was stated that when there's an
> overlap like this it stops recording the 1st one automatically and
> starts recording the 2nd at the time the 2nd is due to start - even if
> the 1st one was supposed to run on. So, if that's correct it already
> does what you're proposing except that it doesn't wait for the tuner
> to become available. I think we need to get a firm statement on just
> what does happen in this circumstance.
> Of course the sure-fire solution is to get a 2nd tuner card!

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