[mythtv-users] Still have Black Screen with hd-2000

Tom E. Craddock, Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Tue Dec 21 02:17:23 UTC 2004

There are new drivers posted at pchdtv.com today, and this was from a 
forum post by pchdtvtech:

> The driver is available. This is currently tested for 2.6 kernels. I'm 
> presently verifying the 2.4 kernel code. Somewhere between 2.4.22 and 
> 2.4.28 things changed a bit so we are working on those issues.
> 64 bit is a priority, however, even with a functioning driver, there 
> are some issues with 64 bit kernels still using some 32bit libraries, 
> and the 32 bit emulation just kills the video playback.
> BTW - For 2.6 kernels, the released driver includes the tuner patches 
> for PVR250 cards.
> Rusty

So it seems that these new drivers should help with a pchdtv2000/3000 
and PVR-250s in the same box. Ill be installing a 3000 into my mytht box 
with a 250 later this evening, hopefully they will all play nicely now.

Tom E. Craddock, Jr.
sigtom at sigtom.com

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